Ideal for use in crops, vegetables, potatoes and also fruit trees without technical irrigation.

Salitre Pro K is a monograin fertilizer that comes from the richest soils of our land, specifically from the majestic Atacama Desert in the North of Chile, where fertilizers that fuel the agriculture of our land have been historically obtained.

Advantages of Salitre Pro K
  • Nitrogen and potassium monograin fertilizer
  • Is not affected by volatilization, making applications with spreaders possible.
  • Ideal on acid soils promote
  • Available in 3 Kilo packages for smaller applications
Salitre ProK Attributes
  • Easy to manage and apply
  • Improves tolerance to frost, reducing its damage
  • Increases plant resistance to disease.
  • Increases efficiency of water use.
  • Improves soil properties and combats salinity.
  • Simplifies the joint entry of the most important nutrients for the plant.
  • Improves the quality of fruits and crops.
  • Non-toxic to the roots.
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