Historical Review


• SQMC is created as a subsidiary of Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile SA.
• An Investigation of the Comparison of de Sodium Saltpeter v/s Urea was begun.

• A project of granulated NPK mixes and soluble fertilizers with Ultrasol® were begun. Also, Potassium Nitrate was introduced to the national market.

• Rock phosphate was introduced to the national market.

• Supernitro, a nitrogenous fertilizer was developed.

• Rock Phosphate (SUPERFOS) partially acidified, was introduced to the national market.
• A forest project begun which lead to the development of the first mixed forests.

• Supernitro Monograin was incorporated.
• New mixing plants are built in San Antonio (Region V) and Río Negro (Region X).
• The service for soluble formulas Upon Request was initiated.

• Our national source of Potassium Muriate and Potassium Sulfate were newly introduced and the “SOQUITAINER” for the bulk shipping of the fertilizer was introduced to the national market.
• Granulated Magnesium Potassium nitrate is introduced. “SOQUITEST” Soil Analysis Service was launched.

• Puerto Montt warehouse is started up.
www.sqm.com is created.
• The First International Fertigation Seminar is presented

• New editions of Agenda del Salitre and Libro Azul are released.
• The logistic center in the Port of San Antonio (Region V) and the NPK Soluble Plant in San Antonio (Region V) are started.

• Soquinet via Internet is implemented, also Credit for Distributors and “SOQUISAT”, the Precision Agricultural Service, was started.
• A new line of fertilizers, NPK Solubles: Nutrefull, is introduced to the market.
• Chelated: Ferrosol and ZincSol, both micronutrients, are launched to the market.

• Norsk Hydro Chile S.A. is purchased.
• The Second International Fertigation Seminar is held.
• CYCLOS®, the Preferred Client Attention service, and SOQUILAB®, the fertigation consultation line are launched

• Speedfol® the line of foliar nutrients, and Dust one® a dust control service for agricultural roads, begin to function.
• N-Sensor®, the variable application of nutrients service, and N-Tester®, the crop monitoring service, are introduced.
• Granulated Calcium Nitrate is introduced.

• The Agrorama® distribution model is launched.
• Shortrec® a logistic organization program is implemented; as well as the online invoice system.

• The Third International Fertigation Seminar and the First Agribusiness Meetings are held together with Seminarium at the Harvard University.
• The image of Agrorama is implemented in more than 100 sale sites throughout the country.

• The capacity of Puerto Montt’s mixing plant is increased.
• The First Agrorama® Distributor Convention is held.

• Three new products in the commercial area are released to the market: Amintec®, a granulated fertilizer that improves nitrogen efficiency, Ultrasol® Magnum P44 a product that is 100% soluble whose principal characteristic is its acidifying characteristic.
• The business plan for Social Responsibility with a vision focused on ethical values, people, the community and the environment, with a focus on education, is implemented.
• A risk prevention program whose objective is to fortify the implementation of safe work practices for workers is incorporated.

• Consultation is carried out regarding merger by incorporation of Anagra S.A. by SQMC. The honorable Fair Competition Tribunal resolved the consultation favorably in December 2009.
• Comercial Agrorama Callegari Ltda., a SQMC subsidiary is created.
• Participation of the business in Social Responsibility activities in four agronomy schools with the educational program is reinforced. The ERP SAP system is incorporated.

• The development of the ERP SAP system in the business is started in 2010.

• The ERP SAP system is implemented in 2011. Agrorama S.A. and Comercial Agrorama Callegari Ltda. subsidiaries are created, and changes its name to Comercial Agrorama Ltda. Both businesses complement the distribution of agro products. A new product, Qropmix® ReQoated, is released to the market.

• The Premium Range project, focused on maximizing the specialty SQMC lines is implemented in 2012. As a result, the de Ultrasol® ONE line is released to the market.

• In 2013, four products are released to the market: Qropmix® Reqoated Retail; a special line of crop and meadow nutrients, impregnated with micronutrients which better the even availability of its components. Ultrasol Pivot; a product especially developed to be applied via Pivot irrigation. The Ultrasol Stages Arica Line; a product especially adapted for soils in Arica that produces excellent acidification and permits improved nutrient absorption. And lastly, added to the offer is the availability of a pack of 25 kilos of granulated products, first of which is the AmiNtec.

• In its granulated line, two products are launched: NitruS intended to compensate for the sulfur deficiencies; and Qrop mix, especially designed for the area of Coihaique. With these products, SQM enters a new market segment. Speedfol, from its foliar line, is for the first stage of annual crops, and this year is re-released.

• In 2015 Qrop Aykes was released. This granulated product is specially formulated for the southernmost areas of the country. For its part, after re-launching of the Speedfol line the previous year, three new products were offered in 1 and 12 kilo packages to meet the needs of every crop all over the country. The products Salitre ProK and Complex became available in 3 kilo formats. In 2015, the decision was made to re-launch Speedfol, the line of foliar liquid fertilizers. Agreements were thriving regarding the representation of Atlántica Agrícola products from Spain, and hence, formalizing the re-entry of SQMC foliar products into the Chilean market.