The World’s Number 1 Potasium nitrate

Assure your production by meeting the standards of the most demanding export markets. K Plus is the most widely used Potassium Nitrate in the entire world, almost 46% of the soluble Potassium Nitrate based fertilizers in the world are K Plus. In addition to meeting the standards of the most demanding global markets, K Plus is produced using an environmentally friendly process that emits up to 40% less greenhouse gasses.

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High purity assures irrigation quality:
K Plus has very low levels of chloride, sodium and heavy metals. K Plus is different from the rest of the potassium nitrates commercialized in Chile since it is a soluble fertilizer with 99,7% of purity that allows it to be qualified as a ¨technical or hydroponic grade¨ soluble fertilizer. The high degree of purity of K Plus assures a product of maximum end quality and better solubility that allows an easy and secure use in all fertigation equipment and hydroponic systems and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), with and without drainage water recirculation; all this, without the risk of impurities and undesired contaminants.

Completely Soluble:
K Plus is a fine crystalline powder with good fluidity that dissolves quickly in water.

The compatibility of K Plus allows flexibility in your operations:
KK Plus can be mixed will all water soluble fertilizers and is also compatible with the majority of pesticides in foliar application.

Nitric Nitrogen assures the absorption of Nitrogen by the plant:
Nitric nitrogen increases the absorption of cations: Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium (K+, Ca2+, Mg2+). The nitric nitrogen is the most efficient source of nitrogen for plant growth.

Very Versatile:
Due to its low N/K ratio, K plus is appropriate for all crops, including in the flowering stages and maturation.

High nutrient concentration:
Given its high degree of purity, K Plus contains the highest concentration of potassium and nitric nitrogen, making the processes related to fertilization more efficient.

ultrasol kplus producto

Ultrasol® K Plus is an indispensable component in all fertirrigation projects both for field crops and for hydroponic systems. Ultrasol® K Plus, used as a source of K, will contribute a part of the nitric nitrogen. It’s the only source of K to be utilized on intensive crops without the risk of accumulating sulphates or chloride salts under salinity or alkaline conditions. Ultrasol® K Plus is the only convenient K option.

Nitric nitrogen is the optimal source of nitrogen for intensive horticulture. A high NO3-/NH4+ balance assures sufficient absorption of Ca2+ y Mg2+ and avoids root degeneration, especially in soils with high temperatures. Additionally, Nitrogen loss via volatilization is avoided. KNO3 is indispensable in a hydroponic system and current horticulture would not be what it is without potassium nitrate.

Potassium Nitrate Applications produce greater yields, in comparison to Muriate de Potash (KCL), as shown by world-wide research.

ultrasol kplus producto
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