Along with reducing losses of Nitrogen through volatilization, AmiNtec is produced with precise granulometry for the best spatial distribution of the product.

We select the best raw materials and, with our Agrotain technology, we develop a product that has the physical and chemical properties that allow farmers to optimize their operations and benefit their businesses.
AmiNtec® has the best granulometry to allow an optimal spatial distribution of the product, resulting results in less application times and better maintenance of machinery.
AmiNtec® Nitrogen stabilizers make nitrogen more available in the soil and minimize loss by volatilization.

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Volatilization is the loss of nitrogen when urea hydrolyzes into the atmosphere in the form of ammonia (NH3).
AmiNtec®: (Amidic Nitrogen Technology): It is the most important nitrogen fertilizer of the Qrop® line. It provides 46% higher nitrogen efficiency by reducing the volatilization losses of urea. That is, the investment made in AmiNtec® translates into more nitrogen for crops.

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Losses by volatilization directly affect the profitability of agricultural businesses since from the total amount of urea applied up to 30% is lost via gas and does not enter the soil to nourish the plants. The losses of traditional sources of Nitrogen by volatilization will depend on the combination of:

  • Abscence of rain or irrigation (during the first days following application)
  • Soil humidity (required to initiate the process)
  • Wind
  • Stubble (Increased urease activity)

By uisng AmiNtec® practically all of the nitrogen applied to the soil is maintained favoring better yields and quality.
Based on Inia (Institute of Farming Research) data Remehue coincides with work done in other parts of the world.

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